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Frequently Asked Questions

I talk to my friends, so why talk to a therapist?

Great, you have a support system that includes your friends. Building trustworthy friendships is essential. We all need somebody to lean on, vent to and seek advice, BUT it is not therapy. In most cases, friends are unable to devote uninterrupted time each week to only you to assist you with addressing the root of your problems and goals you want to achieve. We are licensed professionals with extensive levels of education and accreditation. We will provide a safe space that is non-bias, be an extension of your support team to help you problem-solve, and enhanced coping strategies that are different from talking to a friend or family member.


Can therapy really work?

Yes, but you determine the success of your treatment. Therapy requires commitment for readiness of change. Here at Constantly Evolving®, we have a saying: one of the hardest stages of therapy is ACTION. You can identify your problem areas and new effective ways to manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, BUT, if you do not put ACTION to the change you aspire, then you are wasting time. Seeking therapeutic treatment is a journey that evolves with you as the two of us work together towards your goals for treatment to lead you on the pathway of growth and healing. There are times when therapy will address hurtful and painful memories, but therapy can also be an exciting adventure as you discover a NEW & BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF. Therapy can provide interventions and insightful feedback for changing what can be changed and learning to cope with what cannot. Therapy can help you to see things from a different perspective, and breakthrough emotional barriers that may be holding you hostage. The therapy process can be rewarding and life changing.


What is expected of me as a client?

It is imperative to understand, once you are ready to engage in treatment stay committed to the process. You control your progress in therapy. You can expect to discuss the current reasons for seeking therapy and any personal history relevant to your current stressors. We request that you actively participate, take chances, be open, and attend sessions regularly as scheduled. Be ENCOURAGED and PATIENT as you allow the process to work. It can take several months to unlearn unhealthy patterns that is keeping you from reaching your goals. Surpassing the work we do in your therapy sessions, we assign homework for completion until our next session. Homework is centered around implementation of skills to assist with management of behaviors and healing.


What is expected of you as my therapist?

Here at Constantly Evolving®, we know that no two sessions or clients are the same. We will support you in finding your own answers and solutions. We tailor therapeutic approaches to your specific needs. We aim to empower you to search for your inner strength to overcome any obstacles causing roadblocks in your life. We will ask questions and provide guidance where appropriate. We like to utilize evidence-based practices, exercises, books, and other resources in our session to offer direction. We can help you to establish and achieve your goals through supporting growth and change along with encouraging the use of your strengths.


Should I take medication?

Research has shown that medication can be effective. Medication can treat your symptoms; however, medication alone cannot resolve all problems, or teach you new ways to cope. In therapy, we will work together to address the root of your problems and expand on your strengths to learn new strategies.